Oven controller

For reasons beyond my control, we have a range cooker at home. It was oil, but retrofitted years ago with an electric conversion kit. Its temp controller is an ATR121.

The manufacturer now makes an RS485 version controller, ATR144.

Any advice on whether I might be able to get the ATR144 communicating with an emonPi so that a weekly schedule may be established? i.e. very low temp overnight, rising for an hour or so early morning, then down again until early evening?

They also make a hub gateway for the ATR144 but it’s very expensive.

thanks, David

Hi Harley,

The docs say the ATR144 is a Modbus device. The user manual is available.
(you’ll need the register map, which is in the manual)
You’ll also need an RS-485 interface. Like this one, or similar:

Getting Modbus working is not difficult, but it isn’t trivial either.

emonHub has the ability to read a Modbus device. Unfortunately, I don’t run emonCMS
(of which emonHub is a part) so I won’t be able to help you there.

User manual attached:
atr144.pdf (1.9 MB)

You’ll no doubt have questions. We’re here to help. :wink:

Hi Bill,

That’s very encouraging.

I hope to have some positive news to report in the coming weeks!

Many thanks,

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