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Continuing the discussion from Octopus Agile emoncms app:

I am continually frustrated by my IHD from Octopus. It has this stupid “Cost this hour” statement which is meaningless as what it means is “If you continue to use this amount of power for an hour this is how much it will cost you”; not the same thing.

@TrystanLea, any chance of using the Octopus App to generate some IHD type data.

Happy to discuss what that should/could be. Starter for 10.

  • Cost in last x hour period
  • Energy used in last x hour period.

It strikes me that it would be really useful if there was an option to download the half hour data locally. AIUI it currently gets it from emoncms.org every time the graph is loaded (I could be wrong). (Questions about how AgileOctopus App works - #5 by TrystanLea) This could then be exposed as a ‘sensor’ (see below).

It would then be useful to expose some of the calculations done by DemandShaper (cheapest periods etc) as a ‘sensor’ (in Home Assistant terms) to be used elsewhere.

Perhaps this could be linked to the HA integration such that there is an API that will return calculated values on demand. If you could then create as many calculated values (‘sensors’) as you liked they could then be available by MQTT/API.

Perhaps expand the basic concept of emoncms to generate these ‘Sensors’ - so in the UI it looks like the ‘Feeds’ page, but each sensor value is calculated at the specified rate using Feed Data and sent out on MQTT or on demand via an API call.

I think there is definite mileage on expanding the scope of what emoncms does with Octopus data.

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Hi Brian

Totally agree. I have often thought Demandshaper should have a button that updates Octopus Agile data on clicking as DS Agile display is often incorrect (Showing last nights pricing) hours after data is available from Octopus and showing on other Octopus Apps and my own crude upcoming price display.

I would also like DS to allow virtual devices that just generate mqtt on/off commands for use with just about anything. Would provide total flexibility.