Operating temperature range

Hello, what is the temperature operating range specification of the WiFi MQTT relay please?
I have mine setup in the airing cupboard where the room is already warm due to the tank & pipes. I am using it’s supplied case, and then mounted in a DIN enclosure. The outside surface of the relay case (and inside the DIN enclosure) is about 35C. I don’t know the temperature of the relay board itself but I would imagine it’s a bit more. So just wondering what the expected operating temperature range is for this device - when both idle and switched on.


@TrystanLea Any thoughts on this please?

As this appears to be a factored item, @Gwil might have access to more information. I’ve managed to track down the CE paperwork: WiFi Relay CE Approval

That only gives the ratings for components, but it should be possible to measure the temperature inside and outside in operation to estimate the highest ambient permissible without exceeding the maximum temperature of the lowest-rated part.

I’ve had a look and found the following:

This states a working temperature of 0°C > +45°C.