OpenWrtAI or other platform with chatGTP

in my effort to make things with smallest energy foot print as possible. my Openwrt router that consumes 5watts now is a whole house AI ( on top of the many many other things it does) . and can do multiple room of individual sound output ( technically up to 32 channels) . surprising easy and tune able to your specific speech patterns so you can adjust so it can understand you every time. it also has fuzzy logic if you wish to use fuzzy logic , controls home automation. internet radio and weather alerts . biggest benefit is it switch operated listener so very private , in my case a zigbee aqara cube ( it has about 20 different out puts functions depending how you handle
it ) it is my main switch and other simpler zigbee switch in other rooms .

if you want to try it for your system feel free easily adaptable for any os

incredible small computer foot print as well , simple because it not listening all the time and sending your every conversations to some google, amazon type server some where. it can operate offline as well I personally use google speech to text and flite to to do the text to speech. which makes it incredible responsive . generally less then a second to process almost anything . as you are generally only sending a handfull of words to be transcribed to text for input . but can be receiving hundreds if not thousands of text to speak translations as output

if you find it having trouble understanding you due ti dialect you simply tail -f /tmp/nullAI and you simple add what it hears you say to if statement you are trying run. add a couple || conditions and she understand you every time …

updated version cleaner easier install

it now has better multichannel support I’ve tested up to 6 channels in all categories.

it now has fuzzy logic in the main script as well. not only the book section…
all in all a very fast AI and very low resource usage( other then when running offline ) unlike other AI I have used you need fairly big devices this run on pretty small device if only run in online mode a pi zero would suffice) and I am aslo able to do things other AIs I could not do…
media folder is now uses playlists instead of scanning the entire audio directory
when there is a network outage it will automatically start up STT server kaldi as it has websockets connections and when the network online again shut it down to conserve resources again

small update to openwrtAI add in information. tab. say “information”- then it will reply “what information?” and you can ask it almost anything . example: “where is Mumbai” - “the population of Singapore” who is byd cars " or even “price flights Winnipeg to Mexico”
if anyone using this simple AI and want specific usability let me know and I see if I can facilitate it…

small update- information section is now a chat box as well you can ask it question indefinitely if you like…

another update added chatGPT chat box you can ask chatGPT questions continuously . it can give really long erroneous answer, completely unrelated to what you asked or even complete gibberish in some cases, but I guess it still learning - to enter chatGPT just say “chat”

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another update to the AI added audiobook section. stored under /MEDIA/AudioBooks/Novels
and stored under /MEDIA/AudioBooks/Short_Stories/ sub group SSF & HORROR you can get the audiobooks from librivox

i also added in elevenLab speech-synthesis for very human like speech or you can clone a voice if you want the AI to speak like John Wayne or a lost loved one if so inclined the voices will be cached to the hardrive . the free elevenlab account allows 10000 character per month. caching it speeds up the voice creation but also you only need to create the sample once dramatically reducing elevenlabs web usage
ihaveaselectionofaudiobooksandshortstoriesthaticanplaydoyouwantmetolistthenovels, (65.6 KB)

Usage : ( based on AQARA zigbee cube as switch)

OpenWrtAI usage

    • flipping cube 90 degree – initiates the AI
    • flipping the cube 180 – stops the AI
    • rotating the cube right plays radio in the office
    • rotating the cube left plays radio in the house
     VOICE Commands 
        ◦ “Stop”  voice command to stop AI
        ◦ Information” for duck duck go search chat box
        ◦ “CHAT”    for ChatGTP  chat box
        ◦ “Sci-Fi”  Random play back   of Sci-fi audio book
        ◦ “Horror”  Random Play back of Horror audio book
        ◦ “continue”   reading a book where you left off
        ◦ “continue audiobook”  will continue play back of audio book
        ◦ “configure house” set default playback to entire house
        ◦ “configure living room”  playback  in living room
        ◦ “configure office” playback in office
        ◦ “weather update”  gets current weather conditions
        ◦ “weather forecast”  gets 7 day forecast
        ◦ “weather Alert”  tells what the weather alert  are 
        ◦ “Play Music”  local play back of stored music
        ◦ “Play Peggy FM”
        ◦ “Play City FM”
        ◦ “Play Virgin Radio”
        ◦ “Play kiss FM”
        ◦ “Play Power 97”
        ◦ “Play Mix FM”
        ◦ “Play CJOB”
        ◦ “Play TSN”
        ◦ “Play Top Hits”
        ◦ “Play Comedy”
        ◦ “Play UK Radio”
        ◦ “Play Frankfurt Radio”
        ◦ “Play Berlin Radio”
        ◦ “Read Book”  enters book section ( text based book) 
                1. “list books” list book collection
                2.  “ chapter #”  jumps to book chapter
                3. “read ‘Title of book ‘ ”  will begin reading that book
        ◦ “Audio Book” enters audio section
                • “Chapter #”   jumps to specified chapter
                • “List Books”
                • “Random short stories” plays random short stories 
                • “Random Sci-fi” play randon scifi novel
                • “Random Horror” Plays random Horror Novel
                • “Random Novel” Plays Random Novel
                • “ Read ‘Title of Book’ ” 
      Domoticz (Home Automation)
        ◦ “turn off/on office lights”
        ◦ “bathroom on/off” bathroom outlets
        ◦ “office on/off”   office outlets 
        ◦ . . . etc