OpenEVSE won't stop charging in Eco mode

Hi all,

I recently updated my v4 unit firmware to 8.0.2 and upgraded the old ESP8266 WiFi to an ESP32 unit preloaded with v4.1.3 firmware.

I can successfully start & stop charging using the “Pause”/“Clear” button, and each time I get the satisfying clunk of the contactor engaging or disengaging.

However, in Eco mode at least, once charging has started it never stops - neither when charge current drops to 0 nor when the timer “Stop” time is reached. It correctly varies charge current according to available exported solar power (subject to the expected 6A minimum), but never actually stops charging unless I click “Pause”.

As for setup, I have configured MQTT and Solar Divert, and unchecked the EmonCms connection. Solar divert is set to Grid (+I/-E) and I can see negative numbers getting bigger as the sun comes out and then getting smaller as charge current increases, so I believe that this side of things is correctly configured.

I was running fine with the old firmware & WiFi module, in that charging stopped in Eco mode when the timer said so; a main reason for upgrading was to also get it to stop when the sun went in - but now it doesn’t stop in either case (timer or lack of light).

Any ideas for how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

No idea how to fix it but I have the same problem.

It was charging on Eco, I disconnected and went out, plugged back in on return and was still charging at 6A long after the sun had gone.

The first graph is the OpenEVSE unit and shows when I went out, the other is the house feed i.e. what is being read by the OpenEVSE. I have a battery system so it’s usually only a few Watts either side of zero that time of the day as the PV is/has stopped and the battery is carrying the house load.

I had to manually stop the charge just before midnight when I realised it was still charging the car on Eco.