OpenEVSE with Renault Megane E-tech techno+

We test drove a Megane E-Tech this afternoon. Having seen youTube videos of problems with the Megane and Zappi chargers, on the test drive I swung past our home and tried the Megane with my OpenEVSE charger. Tried several times to charge, but on all occasions, the charging started, then stopped after about 5 seconds. The blue charging light on the Megane changed to flashing red.

There is talk on the Zappi forum that ‘Actis 82668’ is the required software update that Renault need to apply to make it work with the Zappi.

I’m wondering if this update will also solve the issue I experienced with my openEVSE? The thread associated with this looks long and painful! Renault Megane - Charging Issues - Page 76 - myenergi but there’s no actual explanation of what the problem was.

Before I order a Megane E-Tech I’d kinda like to make sure it will work with my OpenEVSE charger!

Many thanks
Tim R

I have a friend with a megane e-tech and it works with openevse