OpenEVSE with ESP wired gateway

I’ve periodically had issues with the unit becoming unresponsive over the network (presumably due to a poor signal) and generally it doesn’t reconnect, necessitating a power cycle to get it going again.

I bought the replacement board with a wired connector a while back and have been using it (without
a physical connection) as it seemed ‘better’ or more reliable than the wireless only board.

However I’ve need to use shaper to limit the charge since I had an ASHP installed and when the Wi-Fi goes, the charging now stops. After my wife’s car failed twice to charge overnight last week, I finally installed a CAT6A STP cable to solve the issue.

However, the unit still connects to Wi-Fi despite also connecting over the wire and when the Wi-Fi drops, the unit is unresponsive on both IP addresses until the Wi-Fi decides to work again.

Also, the System tab is showing a wired connection but the IP is that of the wireless interface.

Is there a way of completely disabling the wireless from starting up?

Not totally sure why it would connect over WiFi with a cable installed, the WiFi should be stopped when the wired connection is made. There is a PR in the works that has a lot of improvements one of which is to not even try WiFi if there is a wired connection, you could wait for this. The other thing you could do is factory reset or set the SSID to an invalid one that way there won’t be any WiFi connection made.

delete the SSID and Password?

I disconnected the cable which restored the wi-fi settings screen and so I reset the SID and password to something bogus.

Plugging the cable back in yields just that interface on my network so hopefully all OK for now.

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Is your unit fully reliable on wired gateway, or does it still need occasional reboot?

I’ve had no issues since moving to wired ethernet.