Openevse_wifi_gui Simulator


I build openevse_wifi_gui.

When i home.html from the dist folder

  1. I get this following vimdeo cdn issue…

  1. Likewhise where it the files for the wifi simulator that works on port 3000 in the openevse_wifi_server ? I tried to find it but can not locate it. Would love to cusotmize the simulator is it not located locally? I tried searching for the v0.0.1 or “Powered by” as stated in the demo to locate the files but no luck. I noticed the header and footer are not hightlightable unlike the home.html site…


@glyn.hudson @trystanlea any advise? thanks

Try using the OpenEVSE simulator Node web app to simulate the OpenEVSE to test and run the interface locally

where in ther this github are the actual simulate web gui files locate?


k thanks lots of parts with wifi server, gui and firmware. I appreciate the works you guys did.

is wifi 3.0 ready for production use on esp8266?

WiFi 3.0 is for ESP32, it’s currently in very early testing and not recommended for stable use. Feel free to test on EP32: