OpenEVSE WiFi Gateway v3.x Setup


The Open EVSE WiFi Gateway V3.x arrived a few days ago and I’ve now installed it in an EVSE charger built from a kit supplied in August 2017.

I got to point of connecting to the wireless AP and pressing the Connect button to connect to the home network wifi.

But now I’m stumped. I’m assuming the EVSE is now connected on the home network but I can’t identify it or connect to it to do the rest of the setup.

My network scanning software (nmap) is great at identifying devices by IP and MAC addresses but poor on hostnames.

The home network has 30 connected devices (including the wretched kitchen oven) but I can’t identify the EVSE charger (assuming it’s connected).

Can you pls provide the first 3 pairs of the MAC address for the WiFi Gateway (manufacturer related) – this will help my network search.

Further questions:

  • I understand the function of the GPIO0 button – what is the purpose of the Reset button?
  • There are 2 very bright LEDs – what do they signify?
  • What voltage does the WiFi Gateway require? I assumed +5V and so installed via a UBEC. The Charger itself only has +12V supplies. Should a £35 kit not include a mandatory UBEC?


Try Fing (mobile & desktop), It will tell you when the device was first seen.

And you don’t know what each and every one is??? :slight_smile:.

The advantage of nmap (Linux based) is that I can run it remotely in an SSH teminal from an RPi on the remote network.

True but if you are at the location and connect to the network, Fing will give you more information. YMMV.

Yes - I’ve installed Fing on my Windows laptop - impressive.
Will be useful when I’m on site.

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The IP address should be displayed on the LCD of the OpenEVSE one powerup.

It resets the module

Nothing yet, they are for future use

The new gateway module can be connected directly to the controller, it can handle 12V input UBEC is not required. The UBEC should not have been included.