OpenEVSE WiFi Gateway FW Stable Release 🎉

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Thanks everyone for helping to beta test. We have just published a stable release of OpenEVSE ESP8266 WiFi gateway FW (V2.4.1) :tada:

Big thanks to @jeremypoulter for his hard work.



Upgrading for earlier (beta) versions of V2.x.x is highly recommended. Upgrading from all versions (including V1.x) should be possible by uploading latest .bin via web interface. Download from releases:

Documentation or the latest version is almost complete:

The WiFi gateway uses an ESP8266 (ESP-12) to communcate to the OpenEVSE controller via serial utilizing the existing RAPI serial interface. The web interface is served directly from the ESP8266 and can be controlled via a connected device over a local network.


  • Web UI to view & control all OpenEVSE functions
    • Start / pause
    • Delay timer
    • Time limit
    • Energy Limit
    • Adjust charging current
  • MQTT status & control
  • Log to Emoncms server e.g or
  • ‘Eco’ mode: automatically adjust charging current based on availability of power from solar PV or grid export
  • Ohmconnect integration (California USA only)


OpenEVSE charging station

WiFi Module


I have 2 very minor (potential) issues on 2.4.1
1: I notice in your screenshots that your Elapsed Time always has leading zeros. My Elapsed Time always leads with 19. I live in Atlanta, GA. I am assuming this is due to GMT-5 Eastern Time Zone? Screenshot below: (I was charging for 4 min 21 sec. not 19 hours 4 min and 21 sec.)

2: When I connect to the EVSE via wifi, The current IP address is displayed for a very short time on the EVSE Color LCD display. A second or so later this gets overwritten with the normal text displayed on the screen. However the new text does not replace the old text wherever the new text has spaces. This may be an issue for the EVSE Firmware or the WiFi code.

Normal Screen.

After Accessing OpenEVSE WiFi The “ss” Is from “IP Address” in the 2 spaces between “Sleeping” and “L2”
On the second line the “10.25” is the end of my Ip address: “” being overwritten with the current Time

Thanks for putting out such a great release.

Hi @tgould

Thanks for testing and reporting

Ah, looks like you have found a bug. I’ve opened an issue on github repo. We will investigate this asap

This is a known issue with older OpenEVSE controller FW. This has been fixed in openevse latest V4.8.0 FW.

Thanks again for reporting. Do you have solar PV? Will you be making use of the solar PV diversion feature? Let us know how you get on.

When you noticed this issue was the openevse system time set correctly? I.e did the time on the openevse match the time set on your browser / computer? Did you use the auto update button to set the openevse time with your current browser time?

The OpenEVSE time does match my browser (pc) time at all times. I did use the auto update button to set the OpenEVSE time from my browser originally. Strange: just looking now the date is off by a month.

from Safari on iOS 11
When I set the time automatically, it sets the time field correctly, but sets the date field 1 month back.
When I set the time manually, it sets the time field correctly, but sets the date field 1 month back even though I selected the correct month. If I do this again manually, it sets it another month back (2 total). This repeats. If I manually set the time 9 times it will show January. (since it is currently October).
If I then set the time Automatically, it will set it 1 month back. (To September since it is October).

The above behavior is inconsistent. Once it actually set the date correctly but not the time. (it moved the time to 8:00 PM exactly). I would be glad to host a GoToMeeting with you where I could let you control my screen and see the actual behavior. Let me know.

BTW: I do not have Solar yet but I am looking into it.


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Thanks for reporting, I have been able to replicate the issue. We’ll take a look at fixing ASAP. Github issue tracker as been opened.

Please follow the github releases page for latest updates:

This has been fixed in V2.5.0:

Both these issue has now been fixed in V2.6.0 :+1: