OpenEVSE WiFi Firmware for ESP32-C3

Has anyone attempted to compile the WiFi Firmware for the ESP32C3 target?

I’m at the early stages of a house move, so going for an open source EVSE this time with a lot of parts I already have. I’ve got some leftover ESP8266 carrier boards which break out a 5V serial connection for the controller (Rolec with OpenEVSE FW, 5v serial connection).

There’s now an ESP32C3 model available which is pin compatible with the ESP-12F, which would make quite a tidy solution. Has anyone attempted to compile for the C3 model yet, or is aware of any reason it won’t build? (Dev PC is already packed or I would’ve just got on with it!)

Old topic; but also only relevant search result on google.

pio run -e esp32-c3-devkitc-02 -t upload seems to build and upload a working firmware.Tx on pin 6, rx on pin 7 as according to platformio.ini. Havent done long term testing yet.