OpenEVSE vs SmartEVSE


What are the differences between the OpenEVSE and SmartEVSE?
What are the pros and cons between this two solutions?
Which is the best one? Why?

Both of them are opensource (hardware and software).

SmartEVSE website:

Thank you

i see no one have been answering to this question… it’s a pity.

i’m going to get a VW eGolf (up to 7.4KW AC charge…) at end of yeat and trying to wade my way on home charging… i have a 6KW 220V supply from local utility.
i’m wondering if the SmartEvse, with its dynamic pwm power modulation (with clamps on home appliances power supply) is the right (more efficient…) solution for my home charger setup…

what do you say? OpenEVSE looks a bit more polished with regeard to docs and howto install…



Sorry I’ve not had any expriance with the SmartEVSE therfore it’s difficult to answer this questions/

As a developer and reseller of the OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE, I’m obviously biased! However the SmartEVSE does look like a nice unit. Few things I noticed looking at the SmartEVSE website:

  • SmartEVSE is not CE approved
  • Smart EVSE does not seem to have web connectivity for energy monitoring and remote control
  • Smart EVSE does not seem to support charging timers
  • It’s unclear if SmartEVSE supports solar PV divert
  • SmartEVSE requires an enclosure
  • OpenEVSE is available pre-assembled (EmonEVSE) if required.

The load management feature of the SmartEVSE looks rather nice, the ability to have up to 4x SmartEVSEs in a single location and set the maximum load. The OpenEVSE does not support this.