OpenEVSE upgrade using Tesla ev connector

My OpenEVSE has served me well for the last 3 years. It keeps my Tesla model 3 topped up with sunshine and I am very happy with it except for the lack of a button on the ev connector and the fact that the ev connector is now past its best due to sun and rain.

When I had an opportunity to purchase two faulty Tesla wall connectors, I figured this could be a good way to get a replacement connector plus the addition of a button for opening and releasing the charge port flap. Should be easy enough I thought.

After a certain amount of faffing about I realised that I will never need two Tesla wall connectors and its just possible that someone in the community might not only like a free unit but they may have a bit more knowledge/experience od the mysteries of ev charging than I have.

So, if you would like a free faulty Tesla wall connector and are happy to collaborate on reverse engineering it to make the plug and lead compatible with the OpenEVSE please let me know.

I have sketched out my existing connection diagram, the Tesla diagram and my proposed diagram. Does this look sensible?

Hi Brian,

Sounds like a good plan. I would be very interested in taking apart a Tesla wall charger, and testing the connector with the OpenEVSE. I’m happy to cover shipping and or arrange collection? I’ll drop you a PM