OpenEVSE to emoncms shows "Connected : No"

I have entered the settings on the Energy Monitor panel on the Services section on OpenEVSE WiFi. I then registered on, grabbed the write-apikey and tried to save the settings… Connected stays showing “No”. If I enter a random bit of text in the api key field it does say that it is not valid. Checking the requests in Chrome dev tools shows the requests getting sent to the emoncms server.

Am I missing something obvious - is there configuration required on the emoncms side. I looked at the video guide on setting up the emoncms - I can’t see any of the openevse data on the inputs section, but if it is not connecting then seems that this would be expected.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know but I suggest you try and take the `/emoncms’ part off the domain name.

There is also an Openevse forum

If Brian’s suggestions go nowhere, I think Glyn will be back at the end of this coming week.

Thanks for the tip on the support desk! I found this article

The steps needed are as follows:

  1. Add a device under the emoncms Device Setup:

  2. Initialise the device - this is what was missing!

The node name of the device is, of course, what is added to the emoncms settings on the OpenEVSE. Once I completed step 1 and 2 above and copied the Device access key to the write-api key setting and saved, it connected immediately.

Some confusion on which key to use for the api, as there is one on your profile on emoncms and one for each device you add to emoncms. You have to use the one from the device as mentioned in the linked article.

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Glad to hear you got it up and running, did you see our OpenEnergyMonitor specific setup guide:

I have watched both videos. There is however a slight disconnect. If you follow the OpenEVSE setup video and then the emonCMS, the actual experience is not quite the same. I appreciate that the videos are based in some instances on the beta version of emoncms.

This forum is a wonderful place to share the experiences and help each other out.

Yes, this is because the OpenEnergyMonitor guide uses instead of data.openevse. runs a newer version of Emoncm with easier to use setup procedure.