OpenEVSE – Timing of ECO-mode and Normal-mode charges


We experienced two ECO-mode charges yesterday. The 10 sec csv download revealed …

9:55 to 10:15: Charge to EV = 1531Wh and an Import = 1070Wh. So a true ECO-mode charge of (1531-1070)/1531 = 30% which is not impressive.

10:28 to 12:46: Charge to EV = 13009Wh and an Import = 460Wh. So a true ECO-mode charge of (13009-460)/13009 = 96% which is impressive.

And I understand there is always likely to be some Import because OpenEVSE does not react instantly to changes in grid_power in order to protect its components.

Given our system has a battery and in this mid-season for solar gen, it would seem sensible to limit ECO-mode charging to just a couple of hours each side of noon. Outside of this period, the battery would capture any excess solar gen. And this could be done via a script.

However in another topic, you’ve stated that the RAPI $ST timer command is deprecated with the new v4.x wireless firmware. Does this mean – it no longer works? Or that some future version of the wireless firmware will provide an alternate means?

In my opinion, a script is more convenient than needing to regularly input settings to a webpage.

Regarding Normal-mode charging … With the approach of winter/low solar gen, EV’s and batteries will need substantially topping up by Import. And the Octopus Agile tariff now no longer looks as attractive as the Octopus GO tariff (fixed at 5p from 00:30 to 04:30).

This is another compelling reason for being able to do charging at fixed times and a script makes that easier IMHO.

Would welcome yr thoughts