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OpenEVSE - temperature monitoring disabled

My unit is showing a warning that temperature monitoring is disabled.

I rebooted via the web interface to no effect and then power cycled the thing; that didn’t resolve it either.

Enabled developer mode and that allowed me to switch it back on.

Any ideas as to why it became disabled? Hoping it won’t be a recurring issue.

Interesting, has this issued reoccurred?

No, not so far.

Planning to upgrade the firmware anyway now I know what hardware to buy from Amazon!

The unit is getting power cycled at least once a day due to the voltage protection unit thing going over 253V which might have something to do with it; I’m logging the voltage with an Omega unit but SSE are so far trying to avoid installing their own logger so I’m planning to solve the problem myself with something like an OptiVolt 100 to drop the voltage permanently.

That’s a shame, poor show from the DNO. You shouldn’t have to solve this yourself, the DNO has a responsibility to ensure your voltage is between the legal limits. I’m surprised they have not installed their own logger to verify.

If all you’re concerned about is overvoltage tripping, then as Glyn points out, your supplier is under a statutory obligation to maintain the voltage within the prescribed limits. As a first move, you could try threatening to hire a calibrated monitor and claim the cost from them - it might show that you mean business.

But if you’ve considered that unit for other reasons, then I must say I’m not sure about some of the advertising claims for those devices. I’d consider very carefully especially the “energy saving” parts, because you’ll probably find they won’t stack up in practice, e.g. when boiling a kettle, for example, running at a lower voltage will just take longer, and it’s possible that more heat will be convected and radiated away - thus lost to ambient instead of boiling the water - due to the longer time taken. In the most general terms, it will only save energy if the control system you presently use isn’t working effectively.

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