OpenEVSE stuck sleeping

I have an issue where my OpenEVSE stays in sleep mode. I try to exit sleep mode using the button or in the web interface, but it goes straight back to sleep, and won’t allow a charge. If I do the $F1 RAPI command, it takes it out of Sleep mode. I made a short GIF to show you.



have you got an emonpi? if so what is set in the demand shaper? try setting it to off


Hi John,

I do have an EmonPi but I’m not using Demand Shaper.

When I reset it the unit is fine until a charging session is finished, then it goes to “sleeping”. The only way to commence a charge is using the RAPI command.


Maybe it’s something to do with your car rather than the unit.

My MG5 has issues once it has charged and then slept for some hours - it won’t then re-start.

Hi Nick,

It does this with both our Kona and Model 3, and it has just started happening.



Hi Max,

Apologies for this issue, @JJC is right this issue is probably caused by demand shaper setting timers in the background. OpenEVSE V4.x does not yet support demand shaper.

As JCC suggested switching Demand Shaper to the off position on the emonPi interface should solve it.

In the latest OpenEVSE WiFi version V4.1.0 (currently in BETA) this issue should be fixed: Release V4.1.0 · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

If you do try the beta, please let us know if this resolves it.

I’m resurrecting this old post I’m afraid. No matter if I set Demand Shaper to Off/On/Timer it is always pausing the charge on my EVSE. This is always happening around 1-2am when I’m asleep so wake up to an incomplete charge.

Can anyone assist me is disabling Demand Shaper completely?

When I tried deleting it, the EVSE was removed from EmonCMS. I still want to capture data on the unit in EmonCMS.


If everything is on the latest firmware/software you should get info from the bottom of the main page showing what is going on this may help to understand what is going on. will look a bit like this

Time Type Status Energy Temp
04/04/2022, 13:56:48 information Waiting - EV Connected 0.01 kWh 18.5 °C
04/04/2022, 13:47:20 information EV Connected 0.01 kWh 18.2 °C
04/04/2022, 13:46:51 information Charging 0.00 kWh 18.2 °C
04/04/2022, 13:46:48 information EV Connected 0.00 kWh 18.2 °C
04/04/2022, 12:01:17 information Waiting - EV Connected 0.00 kWh 17.5 °C
04/04/2022, 11:51:43 information EV Connected 0.00 kWh 17.5 °C
04/04/2022, 11:51:20 information Charging 0.00 kWh 17.5 °C
04/04/2022, 11:51:17 information EV Connected 0.00 kWh 17.5 °C
04/04/2022, 10:13:56 information Waiting - EV Connected 0.00 kWh 15.5 °C
04/04/2022, 11:09:12 information EV Connected 0.00 kWh 15.0 °C
04/04/2022, 06:16:12 information Waiting - EV Connected 0.00 kWh 17.0 °C
04/04/2022, 07:11:28 information EV Connected 0.00 kWh 17.0 °C
04/04/2022, 02:30:00 information Waiting - EV Connected 10.42 kWh 25.0 °C
03/04/2022, 23:51:24 information EV Connected 10.42 kWh 25.0 °C
03/04/2022, 21:35:04 information Charging 4.73 kWh 19.7 °C


Hi, Yes on the latest firmware. This is the history where you can see it stopped at 2.20am.

An update! The SD card in my EmonPi failed this evening, and the problem of the charge pausing still happened. Even though the OpenEVSE was not connected to EmonCMS. i rebooted the EVSE and it started working.

Any ideas?!

Could you post the output from http://openevse-XXXX/config

Hi, sure thing:

{"firmware":"7.1.3.EU","protocol":"-","espflash":4194304,"espinfo":"ESP32r1 2 core WiFi BLE BT","buildenv":"openevse_wifi_v1","version":"4.1.2","evse_serial":"","wifi_serial":"AC67B206FEB0","mqtt_supported_protocols":["mqtt","mqtts"],"http_supported_protocols":["http"],"diode_check":true,"gfci_check":true,"ground_check":true,"relay_check":true,"vent_check":true,"temp_check":true,"service":0,"scale":220,"offset":0,"max_current_soft":32,"min_current_hard":6,"max_current_hard":32,"ssid":"AlexEVSE","pass":"_DUMMY_PASSWORD","www_username":"","www_password":"","hostname":"OpenEVSE","sntp_hostname":"","time_zone":"Europe/London|GMT0BST,M3.5.0/1,M10.5.0","emoncms_server":"","emoncms_node":"openevse","emoncms_apikey":"_DUMMY_PASSWORD","emoncms_fingerprint":"","mqtt_server":"","mqtt_port":1883,"mqtt_topic":"emon/openevse","mqtt_user":"emonpi","mqtt_pass":"_DUMMY_PASSWORD","mqtt_solar":"","mqtt_grid_ie":"emon/emonpi/importexport","mqtt_vrms":"emon/emonpi/vrms","mqtt_vehicle_soc":"","mqtt_vehicle_range":"","mqtt_vehicle_eta":"","mqtt_announce_topic":"openevse/announce/feb0","ocpp_server":"","ocpp_chargeBoxId":"","ocpp_idTag":"","tx_start_point":"tx_pending","ohm":"","divert_PV_ratio":1.1,"divert_attack_smoothing_factor":0.4,"divert_decay_smoothing_factor":0.1,"divert_min_charge_time":600,"tesla_access_token":"","tesla_refresh_token":"","tesla_created_at":0,"tesla_expires_in":0,"tesla_vehicle_id":"","led_brightness":129,"flags":523,"emoncms_enabled":true,"mqtt_enabled":true,"mqtt_reject_unauthorized":true,"ohm_enabled":false,"sntp_enabled":true,"tesla_enabled":false,"divert_enabled":true,"pause_uses_disabled":false,"mqtt_vehicle_range_miles":false,"ocpp_enabled":false,"ocpp_suspend_evse":false,"ocpp_energize_plug":false,"mqtt_protocol":"mqtt","charge_mode":"fast"}

Hi @glyn.hudson,

This is an urgent issue now as I cannot get our cars to charge at all.

The EVSE will also seem to crash and become unresponsive, only a power cycle fixes it.

I have factory reset it too but this hasn’t helped.

I have ordered the Ethernet board to see if this fixes it but I’ve not received it yet. Any further advise would be greatly receive please or I’m going to have to invest in an alternative charging solution.


Hi Max,

Thanks for the config output, all looks correct.

It’s very bizarre why the EVSE keeps pausing like this, I’ve not experienced this before. There is quite possibly a hardware issue. As a final test, could you try charging the vehicle with the WiFi module unplugged? Or at least disconnected from your home WiFi network. This will climate the possibility of some external service pausing the charge. If the charge still pauses and there are no timer settings on the vehicle itself, then there must be a hardware issue with the EVSE controller.

When you say the EVSE ‘crashes’, what do you experience? Is shown on the LCD

I will try ‘islanding’ the EVSE tonight to see if it works.

The Ethernet board has now arrived, and I will install it tomorrow.

When it crashes the EVSE will not respond to button presses. The screen is frozen in the last state which is always ‘sleeping’.

An update. Islanding the EVSE did allow it to charge the car uninterrupted. Following this I installed the Ethernet biard yesterday in place of the WiFi board. The car did charge without interruption and the EVSE did not crash or lose contact with the network. Hurrah!

I’ll keep an eye on it.

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