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OpenEVSE stops posting to EmonCMS

I’m experiencing an intermittent issue where data stops posting from OpenEVSE to EmonCMS. The OpenEVSE is still accessible and controllable. A restart of the Wi-Fi module fixes it. Signal strength is -59 dBm with an AP in the garage as well.

Any ideas?


are you using V4 software as I get this with V4 but not V3


Yes, running version 4.0.1

What emoncms server are you posting to? I can’t replicate any posting issues, I’m currently running V4.0.1 since mid-April posting to via HTTPS, my RSSI is -70.

Are you also using MQTT, does MQTT hold the connection successfully?

Take a look at System > Debug on the openevse interface, a successful emoncms connection should periodically return {"emoncms_connected":1,"emoncms_message":"ok"}

I’m running an EmonPi connected by ethernet.

MQTT stays connected.

I’ll check the logs the next time it happens.

Something isn’t working correctly. OpenEVSE should it is connected correctly to EmonCMS:

EmonCMS isn’t showing any data within the Feeds:

But the Input is working!:

I’m not sure what is wrong :frowning:

It looks like it’s posting correctly, the Inputs just need to be mapped to Feeds. This can be automated using the device module, see OpenEVSE Emoncms setup guide:

The feeds are there and have data in them, but I have reinitialised the Inputs to Feeds and data is being captured.


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