OpenEVSE Solar Divert Recording in EmonCMS


I have finally got my Solar installed, and its still only February. I’m not expecting much excess yet.

I am recording the EVSE stats in emonCMS on a raspberry pi etc.

Just wondering is there a simple way to record what I put in the car via solar.
Divert mode changes from 1 to 2 when Eco(divert) mode is enabled.

Is there a way to do this in emonCMS,
Ie if Divert =1
record power+kwh
if divert =2
record divertpower+kwh
or send to a new input or something.

I would be able to do it in NodeRed without issue, but just wondering am I missing a way to do it in emoncms.

Hello @graememk yes that’s true perhaps not so easily done in emoncms, you could perhaps subtract 1 so that divert = 1, then multiply the solar power by the status?:

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That is genius! Glad I asked.

So simple and elegant.