OpenEVSE, Solar and storage

Hi all,

A questions about the OpenEVS and NodeRed. we have a storage battery for the house and the info going into our emonpi about charge rates and battery % is it possible to add to modify the nodered so it would charge the house battery first and then charge the car when they was excess solar but to slow or stop the car charging when it starts to pull from the battery?

also how loud is the contactor that is included with the kit?


With the WiFi adaptor you can control the OpenEVSE via MQTT or HTTP so easy to integrate into Node-RED and directly control the amount of current being consumed by the car.

Alternatively you can export a MQTT topic of the power available (ie 0 until the house battery is charged, then the available power) and let OpenEVSE WiFi manage the charge current.

Yes, totally possible. Here is the API to control the OpenEVSE via HTTP or MQTT:

Here is an example nodered flow to control the OpenEVSE Via MQTT:

Contractor is is quite loud. It’s a hefty 50A unit. I don’t think it would be a good idea from a mechanical wear standpoint to switch it on/off very regularly. You can hear it in this video, mine does seem to be particularly load! The newer ones do seem to be a bit quieter, although i have not tested this