OpenEVSE Remote Access


I’m trying to access the OpenEvse OS so I can install the connection application.

When I do ssh ‘[email protected]’ from another RPi on the same network, I get …

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Of course I can when on site just browse to and get the openevse set up pages.

Thinking it maybe a problem of public access keys - when I try to copy across keys, I get the same connection refusal …

/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: ERROR: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Am I being naive and expecting to do the impossible?

Hello @johnbanks if its a standard OpenEvse, it will be based on either ESP8266 or ESP32 hardware which is running basic firmware rather than a full blown OS. It’s not possible to SSH etc unfortunately. I use dataplicity running on my emonBase to provide remote access that then controls the OpenEVSE via the demandshaper, but it doesn’t give you the actual OpenEVSE interface of course…

Thx for that.
It’s prompted me to dig deeper into’s capability …
Now from an RPi running emon with also installed, I can browse to the OpenEvse IP address and access the set up pages.
And do it remotely from my Windows laptop :slight_smile:
That in some measure compensates for the inconvenience of there being no Mobile App for OpenEvse set up.

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Great! Does work ok with images etc now? I seem to recall an issue with paths not being correct?

I have no problem with images using
For example, OpenEvse set up opens up remotely exactly as it does when I’m on site.

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That’s good to hear, I need to try out, sounds great!

And their Fair Use policy means that you can have several devices for free.
Dataplicity is just one device free as you know.

Hi @johnbanks,

I’m trying to access remotely to my local openevse and works but the websocket connection fails.

Do you have any tips or suggestions?

It’s a couple of years since I did my setup which is still running.
And shame on me - I made no notes at the time.
Also my software has not been updated

The site is full of detail and not easy to understand unless you are an IT expert - I am not.
This is what you need I think …

Service type = HTTP
Service port = 80
Also you will need to assign a fixed IP address for the openevse in the router controlling your local network. You will need the MAC address for your openevse in order to do this.

Hope this helps