OpenEVSE Questions new EV user


We are just about to commit to our first EV, a Nissan ENV200.

I am assume the most convenient home configuration is a tethered cable rather than a socket. Any comments from owners appreciated

The shop unit shows a socket, can a tethered cable be used as well?

Also we have a narrow entrance that makes it much safer to reverse in. The location of the charge point would therefore be on a wall at the rear of the vehicle requiring a fairly long cable. Does this present any issues?

Lastly we already have PV, a storage battery and Agile TOU priced electricity, can OpenEVSE be easily integrated into this set up?


if you are handy you can buy the kit (and save a bit of money) then you can use a tethered cable, this is what I have with a 10M cable. My setup does not have the battery but is the same as you propose and if you have data re the available “spare” power then the OpenEVSE will adjust its charge rate to only use this power (within minimal charge rate constraint) I use an EmonPi to do the monitoring and this works very well.


What type of battery storage do you have?
as long as you can create a feed that shows excess power the OpenEVSE will work fine.

We have battery storage that charges first and then the excess goes into the car. at the moment if the sun goes in the car is charged from the battery but they is a new firmware for the charger that will stop the charging.

We have Lux AC with Pylontech batteries.

We do have control of discharge via MQTT thanks to this software:-

So we should be able to schedule priorities for most cost effective use of PV and low cost grid usage.