OpenEVSE not working any more :(

My charger doesn’t work anymore :frowning:
By checking, I see that AC in 220V goest to the main controller, but from it doesn’t gets DC outputs at 12V or 5V at the I2C / FTDI Serial interfaces, so I’m assunming that this component is now faulty, so I have to replace it. I’m right?
The charger was bought June last year, is it covered by warranty?

Yes, it will be covered by warranty. I will send you a DM to arrange.

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Have you received my message? I sent it via this forum personal message system. Let me know if you would prefer email?

Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking into the personal message system.

Hi Glyn, just to confirm that the new controller solved the problem, now works! BIG THANKS!