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OpenEVSE MQTT topics default list

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Tried to parse this forum and doc before posting but can’t find my way. Using MQTT to run some stats on RPI “real time” but current session Energy Wh is missing from default list of broadcasted MQTT topics and looking for a way to add the Total Energy data seems to be updated only at the end of current charging session.
Would appreciate if someone can point me to correct place to customize or add mqtt topics.

Here are the MQTT topics and messages that the OpenEVSE WiFi V3.3.2 posts

Screenshot from 2021-01-15 02-00-53

These are hard coaded and cannot be customised without changing the OpenEVSE WiFi code .

The ID of the evse e.g openevse-xxxx will be different for each module.

See here for more info about OpenEVSE MQTT:

Here is a basic guide to how MQTT is used on the emonPi:

Thanks , seen this in code.