OpenEVSE module is missing. Please check your setup before going further (wired gateway failed update to 5.1.0)


I noticed yesterday when I logged into the web interface on my wired gateway for the EVSE unit that it had a firmware update available from version 5.0.2 to version 5.1.0.

I clicked direct update and left it for over an hour and it still said update starting, I rebooted the unit and it was the same as before on version 5.0.2 with the update to 5.1.0 available.

I checked the releases page and saw there is a 5.1.0 firmware available for download in a single file instead of multiple files for different units so I assumed it was one file for all 4 units as pictured including mine and decided to download it and flash it onto the wired gateway via the web interface upload tool.

I then lost contact with the unit, i hard reset it and it never linked back up with my switch. I downloaded and flashed 5.0.2 onto the unit with the instructions i used before and it has booted up and connected but now shows the following error:

“OpenEVSE module is missing. Please check your setup before going further”

I can see that the gateway is sending data to the EVSE controller on the developer terminal but looks like its getting no respone, I see the following:

$SV 244000^03

This then just repeats.

Tomorrow I will try using the erase_flash option then reflashing with 5.0.2, just wondering if anyone else has tried to go to 5.1.0 and had this issue or a sucessful update?

Should the 5.1.0 file work on the wired gateay?

Fixed half of the issue myself.

It seems that taking the WiFi gateway out of the enclosure to flash it I had made the comms cable between the EVSE controller and the gateway open circuit on one core!

Just leaving the question then is the 5.1.0 firmware compatible with the wired gateway?

I’ve just added olimex_esp32-gateway-f.bin firmware to the V5.1.1 release

Check that this matches your hardware revision

Many thanks for the quick response and the update file @glyn.hudson

Mine is a revision G so I believe this to be correct.

I updated via direct update and it downloaded and installed OK, or so it said.

It then rebooted and never came back online via its Ethernet cable.

I went to the unit and it had a flashing status light and was providing a WiFi access point, connecting to it it seems happy and using my config backup is working fine but only on WiFi with the Ethernet port showing link down.

The debug console shows nothing of help

OpenEVSE WiFI 2294
Firmware: v5.1.0_modified
Git Hash: d92677f6_modified
Build date: Feb 23 2024 19:20:09
IDF version: v4.4.5
Free: 233592
Server started
AP IP Address:
Channel: 11
Connecting to SSID: WIspA-RabbiT_A3
Connected, IP:

Mmm that’s strange, are you sure you uploaded olimex_esp32-gateway-f.bin?

Are the lights flashing on the Ethernet port? I’m assuming you’ve double-checked the cable is connected at both ends?!

I did direct install first so not sure which it downloaded. I then flashed with the olimex_esp32-gateway-f.bin with esptool, both behave the same. No lights on Ethernet port on the gateway or my switch.

Cable has been checked with a cable tester and links at 1gbps to my tablet.

I will retry erasing it and flashing again probably on Tue morning.

Is there anything new in version 5.1.0 for the current hardware?

Looking at the change log, it all seems to relate to the new TFT screen?

Oh dear, it looks like V5.1.0 has broken Ethernet support, there is an open github issue for this

Correct, there’s nothing to be gained by upgrading for non LCD users.

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