OpenEVSE losing MQTT connection

I have run into an edge case of sort, I dont know why it happens yet, but sometimes the openEVSE loses the MQTT connection, The web UI still works but the MQTT connection disconnects.

This ran into an issue when using the current shaper, and with a stale grid feed, It stops.

A restart of the wifi module solves this.

More information UI to have more information when the advanced toggle has been selected showing how recent the last mqtt message was would be nice, a bit like the PV divert extra info.

Another quick question, Is it possible to trigger a restart of the wifi board via http?
So I could have a watchdog running external and if it detects that the mqtt isnt updating, It can force a restart?

This happened on 4.1.5. I have now updated to 4.1.7

My experience of this sort of issue is the Wi-Fi AP in use. APs that have both frequency bands on the same SSID are particularly susceptible.

Personally I have a couple of these dotted about. It also means when I change ISP, I don’t need to reconnect all my devices :slight_smile:

Thanks for that recommendation… Been looking for something to bounce on wifi in another location.

It’s currently running on an old D-Link repurposed router as an access point. But it is on the same SSID as a main one but due to stone walls and distance it shouldn’t be able to be picked up…

I’ve thankfully long unlinked the wifi from my isp.

This error takes so long to show up it’s hard to pinpoint why. But seems to be mqtt only not the normal http access

Will monitor it a bit more.

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These are great little devices and you can flash vanilla OpenWRT onto them.

I have this same issue and using the Ethernet module. MQTT will randomly disconnect and a reboot of the module fixes it.

It has been fixed today. It was spamming thousands of mqtt post making disconnection.


What version is that available in? I’m assuming not 4.1.7 as that came out in December?

I don’t really want to move to a beta version as I’ve been following the many, many changes that have gone in recently and need it to be stable else my wife’s car won’t charge and she won’t be able to get to work!

4.1.7 has too many bugs, most recent dev was about fixing them.

Current Master is more stable than this release, worth a try.