OpenEVSE limited to 6A

I’ve had my OpenEVSE working well for a year now. Yesterday I started a charge on my Tesla Model 3 but noticed that it was only charging at the minimum rate of 6A even though there was lots of spare power being exported. I blamed the car and went to increase the rate in the car but I was only able to select 5A or 6A. I rebooted the car several times, while also rebooting the EVSE.

I tried both Normal (which should have charged at 32A) and Eco modes but 6A was all it would supply. Then yesterday evening it stopped responding on the network. No web access or response to pings.

It was working properly a week ago. I was very happy to see that it had put 7kWh in one day.

Today I was able to try the car on a dumb Rolec and was able to charge at 32A so it’s not the car.

I’ve taken the cover off the EVSE and everything looks clean - no signs of burning or anything like that. When it starts up it shows me the IP address on the display that I expect.

I’ve checked that nothing else is sitting on the same ip address.

Has anyone else seen this before? Any ideas what I should try?

from the webpage, select normal mode but pause the charging, change the service level to 2 and then set Max current to 32A. wait for 30 seconds then try again. if you turn on advanced mode (toggle switch) you can get a view of the CURRENT settings

Hi Paul

My first reaction was: “but the EVSE isn’t responding, I can’t get to the webpage”. However I tried it and it was working again this morning. Setting the service level to 2 let me set the Max Current back up to 32A and the car is charging at that rate again. I notice that service level has gone back to Auto by itself but the Max Current has stayed at 32A.

So all is good again and I know what to do in the future as long as the webpage is accessible.

Thanks for the advice.