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OpenEVSE Installation Example

Looks great, here is my charger with a custom cable bracket and plug holder.

I will let you guess the car :smiley:

Nice use of a cupboard door to mount the charger on. :wink:



Wow, nice work. That’s super tidy :+1:

Love the custom cable bracket, is that laser cut? Would you mind if we used the image as an example openevse installation?

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Hi Glyn,

It was laser cut by a local company. :smiley:

Here are 2 more photos please feel free to use them.

Wow, that’s fantastic. Is that stainless steel? That’s a hefty bit a laser cutting! Is the CAD design open-source?

It is Stainless Steel. I made a mockup out of cardboard and they then created the drawing for the laser.

Apologies if this is a bit off-topic.

Is the openEVSE eligible for the Government’s OLEV Home Charging grant support - the hardware costs and / or any installation costs?


Not yet, we are currently developing a non-tethered version (with a type 2 socket), we will apply for OLEV certification for this new unit.

We’re hoping to get the new unit in the shop later next month. More details on this thread:

Thanks @glyn.hudson
I’ll keep a look out for the updates in the shop and here.

We’ve gone car-less as a family for the last 2 years. Works ok as we’re in a city (Liverpool) and I mostly work from home, but I think we are going to need a motor again for various reasons. So a leaf getting charged by our PV within emoncms logging the data sounds like a fun project…


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