OpenEVSE in UK 10amps and under

What’s the legality of using an OpenEVSE as a granny charge cable in the UK if you don’t use more than 10amps.

I’m waiting for delivery of an Energic EVA motobike and it only has a 3kw onboard charger (as it as DC CCS too)

I want to use the divert capablities of the OpenEVSE , do I need the installation certified or can it be used as a granny charger?

That’s fine as long as you don’t draw more than 10A. I often use an OpenEVSE like this myself, its very useful when charging from campsite hookups to have the ability to reduce the charge rate down to 6A if required.

That motorbike looks really cool! It would be awesome if you could share a photo of it being charged by an OpenEVSE.

Do you mean solar PV divert? There is no reason why you can’t use this feature with the max current set to 10A

Brilliant as I’m having a garage built next year and didn’t want to have to get the sparky twice.

Yes I’ll post pictures when it arrives.

The Solar PV divert feature will be ideal even at 10a. The assessment I’ve done with your nodered sketch means I would still get charge during the day with the excess.
My belief is the bike can be set to charge to a soc like 80%, so via a schedule I’ll set it to charge via excess pv until evening then change to full 10amp over night.
Then obviously the full 13amps the bike will take when its fully installed after the new garage is built.

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