OpenEVSE gui v2 reporting wrong current & power

My openevse car charger is reporting the wrong current since I upgraded to the v2 gui of the wifi controller. This is having knock on impacts that the solar divert doesn’t work and the reported energy and power are way out. See example screenshot below where the charger is actually providing 24A / 5.8kw, yet the GUI is reporting 0.6A and 133W.

I don’t really want to roll back to the previous version as I recollect it was a bit buggy for me and the idea of using esptool to get it back to v2 doesn’t fill me with joy.

Currently I am running
OpenEVSE 8.2.0.T2
OpenEVSE Wifi master_d92677f6_modified v5.1.0

Do I need to update the OpenEVSE controller to 8.2.2 using Upgrading OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Controller Firmware using ISP programmer - #21 by JJC ?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


it looks like you have the solar divert off “ECO mode disabled” Also check that the divert “topic” is still correct in the settings. I am on 8.2.0 EU at the moment.


Check to see what the voltage is reporting and check it’s set to single not three phase.

You may have the MQTT topic for voltage set to subscribe to a value which is not actually voltage which is causing the power to be calculated too high

Found the problem. The “current scale” was way off the default at 6. Seeing Glyn’s screenshot prompted me to take a look at that. Setting the calibration back to default following OpenEVSE EV chariging station current calibration : Support fixed it.

Thank you for your help as I had looked at this for hours with no succesd.

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