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OpenEVSE going dead?


My OpenEVSE is currently going blank (no screen and no ping response) after a few days and has to be power cycled to work again, does this mean the main board is going dead?

I would try taking the WiFi module out and trying to re-flash via a PC if you have a USB to serial UART.

So you don’t think it’s the actually charge controller failing, you’d go more with the Wifi? It’s just ESP32 so can replace it, but thought because the display is going off and no response from button it would be the charge controller.

You mentioned no ping, so I interpreted the no screen as no web interface… Even no LCD/button could be the WiFi module as these are driven from the WiFi module.

In any case a good first step might be to disconnect the WiFi module, and see if the controller operates normally after a reboot. Note the button will still be disabled, this option is saved in flash on the controller, but the LCD should be functional and display the controller state.

Does the backlight of the LCD light up?

If after disconnecting the WiFi module and power cycling the LCD is still blank this would indicate a faulty controller. Contact [email protected] with your original order ID to arrange a replacement.

The situation is this.

After being on standby etc, just powered up waiting, the LCD and backlight goes off, it’s completely dead, button does nothing and it doesn’t charge or respond to ping which is why I think it’s the whole power supply dying.

If I turn the power off at the isolator and then turn on it will boot and everything is back again. It’s done it twice in the last week.

To me it’s like the internal ps is shutting down and has to be power cycled to reset.

The controller is on 7.1.3 firmware, and I use my own esp32 with your huzzah build on.

I can’t run without the esp on but if you think this can affect it then I’ll replace it, I’ve got plenty of spares to swap it.

Thanks for the info, could you check inside the unit for any loose connections? Is the unit an OpenEVSE or EmonEVSE? If possible, include some photos of inside the unit.

Sure, am away until Saturday afternoon, so I’ll double check everything inside and do some photos.

It might of gone off by then so I’ll check where there is voltages to see what is and isn’t dead.

P.s. it’s the openevse, about 2 years old now.