OpenEVSE Firmware v8.2.0

I’m currently running 7.1.3 and see that there is an 8.2 version available in some merged repository.

Anyone tried it yet?

I’m assuming the file to flash with here in the UK is the openevse_eu.hex?

Not tried it but have downloaded the eu version and will give it a go soon :slight_smile:


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That’s correct if you have an OpenEVSE. If have have an EmonEVSE you will need to use emonevse.hex :slight_smile:

It’s so wonderful to see people helping out and willing to try things out whilst getting some gentle help from the experienced hands. This is such a nice forum.

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Updated today to 8.2.0 and so far all looks good, will report back if I notice anything.


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Is this firmware the same for 3 phase units or is there a separate one?

I’ve done mine too now. No issues so far.

I loaded this firmware, but now I can only set my maximum current to 16A on Level 2. I am US based so I think this firmware may not be meant for me. That correct? If so, where is the US firmware?

Well, looks like the issue with v8.2.0 was just the wifi module needs to be updated to the latest. Did that an all is well. Is it just me or is this place dead as of late?

The thee-phase firmware is listed at the bottom on the release page emonevse_3ph.hex

For USA you need openevse.hex Release 8.2.0 · OpenEVSE/open_evse · GitHub

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Hi, sorry, simple question, for safety reasons on my part…

So looking at the OpenEVSE tab, I see firmware versions as follows in the Hardware widget:

I can see 7.1.3 for EVSE and 4.0.1 for Wifi.

I have the 3ph 8.2.0 release code downloaded, but the only place I see that I can upload it is on the System tab in the Wifi Firmware widget that only references the 4.0.1 Wifi firmware. Is this where I upload the 8.2.0 hex file for the Emon firmware, or is there a different place to do that?

Just don’t want to mess it up! :slight_smile:


the WiFi firmware can be updated from the GUI but the EVSE firmware needs a programmer to do it.
The one I use is this

There is a whole thread on it it is quite long but there is a lot of good info in it Upgrading OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Controller Firmware using ISP programmer - Integrations / OpenEVSE - OpenEnergyMonitor Community


Thank you John. Is this the same type of programmer that they sell on the open energy store as per the link below as I already have one of those?

I will go through the thread linked about how to do it later.

Many thanks


unfortunately that is a different type of programmer :frowning: the one I listed can perform both functions, It also comes with the 6 way ribbon cable you will need.


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Is the openevse Atmega Reset pin wired to ESP32 ?

If it’s the case, we can easily OTA flash the atmega firmware from the esp32.
But do we have enough space left in the atmega for a bootloader?

Unfortunately the older OpenEVSE firmwares where too big to include the bootloader, I think now we have a lot more of the logic implemented on the WiFi side the EVSE firmware should be much smaller so it maybe possible to add the bootloader.

However on the hardware side I am fairly sure the Reset pin is not wired on the WiFi board and think it may have been removed on the later OpenEVSE boards. That being said I do have a ticket to add this feature.