Openevse Firmware V5.0.0.0.EU

I downloaded from Releases · openenergymonitor/open_evse · GitHub

When programming charger I found the emonevse.hex left the charge unit unable to connect to the car. It looked as if the pilot was not connected. The Version showed up as V5.0.0.0.T2.

I checked and checked could find no fault.

Finally reflashed with openevse.hex and all fine. This showed as V5.0.0.0.EU.

My question is why are there so many variants? How should you know which to use? Do I actually need the Zip and Tar files at all? I always download and put in same folder as hex files.

Thanks for info

I think the emonevse and emonevse 3p are the units with the removable charge cable. The OpenEVSE is the original unit with the tethered cable.


Ah starting to make sense, I guessed emonevse 3p was 3 phase supply.

:heavy_check_mark: Sounds right to me

Another issue with above firmware I am getting a red screen saying Service Required Overcurrent 0A
Any ideas?