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OpenEVSE Ethernet gatway How to connect to LAN


i ordered for my existing 3 phase openEVSE charging station the OpenEVSE Ethernet Gateway in order to connect the station via LAN and not via WIFI as ip to now.

So the delivered platine comes without an RJ45 connector and looks other as the platine in the shop which is shown with an FJ45 connector.

So how should oer can i connect the LAN cable to the platine?

Hi Karl,

The OpenEVSE Ethernet gateway can be connected to an Internet router with a standard RJ45 patch cable (Ethernet cable).

I understand but there is no RJ45 connector soldered on the PCB.
The connection cables are delivered and can be plugged on the PCB.
There are 2 other conectors on the PCB. Have i to irder a seperate RJ45 connector which can i plug into the free connectors?

There is an RJ45 socket on the Ethernet Gateway, see: ESP32_WiFi_V4.x/ at master · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

then is the false PCB deliverd

i got a green one with an ESPressif chip on it

That is the OpenEVSE WiFi module, that module does not have Ethernet option.

If you want Ethernet option, you need the Ethernet hardware module:


See above
Thats my order out of the shop

Oh dear, so you have received 2x WiFi modules instead of 2x Ethernet modules? Please contact the OpenEnergyMonitor store team to resolve this: [email protected]

Will do. Can happen .
Another question. Is on the LAN gatway the whol esoftware for the openEVSE stored or only the connection part.
i readed somwhere in the forum that the old software (2018 or 2019) dosn´t start loading the car again in the PV divert mode when PV comes below the minimum current.
I will now update to the newest software whrer this “bug” is fixed as i now have built my own PV and i can use this PV divert mode.

Thanks again for the quick response


Basic EVSE functionality is handed by the OpenEVSE controller. Even if the WiFi or Ethernet module is disconnected the unit will function as a dumb EVSE e.g charge a car and handle all the safety checks.

The current version of the solar PV divert function stops the charge when the solar PV output or excess energy drops below the minimum charge level. You can adjust these parameters.

That means with the change to the LAN gateway i am automatically on the newest software release and PV divert should stop and start again when power direction changes to feed into the grid which is measured on my smart meter grid counter ?


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