OpenEVSE ESP32 Wifi Firmware

Greetings all,
I finally installed my OpenEVSE charger and as a first step needed to bring the firmware up to date.
Currently running OpenEVSE version 8.2.0 EU
and OpenEVSE Wifi V1 ESP32 version 4.1.4

I have downloaded Wifi version 51.0 but when I attempt to update
using the web interface I get “HTTP Update failed” with no other explanation.

Would someone be kind and point me in the right direction regarding which .bin file to use
and how to install it?

Thanks in advance

Hi John, welcome

This is for @glyn.hudson

This is the correct update file to update OpenEVSE WiFi V1 to V5.1.0:

Be sure this is indeed the hardware you’re running, there are several versions of WiFi adaptors:

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Many thanks Glyn.
I have now updated my unit to that firmware level using Chrome on an Android table.
I was confused by seeing the same error when attempting to update using Chrome on Windows 10.