OpenEVSE ESP Gateway Etherent Firmware update V4.2.2 OTA broken?

Been running with master_2e570854 for some time now and thought I’d upgrade to the new 4.2.x version and hey-ho, the automatic update doesn’t work.

I get the error (shown in developer tools) of …

caught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'tag_name')
    at Array.Ll (config-1986daad.js:16:3751)
    at ef (vendor-3859c62e.js:1:878)
    at qi (components-f1e01eb6.js:4:15894)
    at Vf (vendor-3859c62e.js:4:5161)
    at new Di (components-f1e01eb6.js:4:17861)
    at Array.Bl (config-1986daad.js:16:6488)
    at ef (vendor-3859c62e.js:1:878)
    at Xt (components-f1e01eb6.js:1:1678)
    at Vf (vendor-3859c62e.js:4:5161)
    at new pt (components-f1e01eb6.js:1:3018)

Curl never seems to work for me.

Does this mean I have to take the unit out and if so, what files and incantations do I need to use?

Hi Nick,

I’ve just tested updating an ESP Gateway (rev G) from V4.1.8 to V4.2.2. via OTA firmware upload and it worked fine. I used openevse_esp32-gateway-f_gui-v2.bin

Please could you provide some more info on what hardware revision ESP gateway you have? What FW version you were running previously, I can’t find any reference to master_2e570854 and exactly what update file you used?

It was whatever I last managed to load OTA after the last 4.1.8 OTA broken bug which is documented elsewhere on the forum and took two days of shenanigans/ wrong partition files / lost settings to resolve.

If I have to resort to plugging it into the PC to upload the file then fine, I just don’t want to lose all the settings again.

I have the wired ethernet board and was rather hoping it would now automatically update to whatever was relevant but doesn’t even get to offer a manual file upload.

Unfortunately if the module is not booting the FW must be corrupted and settings have already been lost. The new V2 UI has the option to back up the settings.

OTA updating via manual file upload has been supported ESP Gateway has been supported since 4.1.5. However, it’s very important that the correct firmware file is uploaded, there are several hardware revisions of the ESP gateway that require different firmware. Can you let us know what hardware revision you have, and exactly which file you uploaded?

This issue should never happen in the future since V2 UI now supports proper OTA firmware uploading which will automatically download and flash the correct FW for the hardware:

Flashing just the latest 4.2 firmware left it still showing the version as ‘master…’ and OTA update still broken. Had to wipe the unit and reload boot etc and the firmware which resolved it.

Noticed the backup I did before didn’t restore the timers. That’s probably a bug.

Had to do that manually plus the emoncms write key etc.