Openevse emulator


how to emulate openevse on the local server?
the link to the online emulator site :

Hello @Geinian_Gomes, @glyn.hudson may be able to help with this.

See instructions on the openevse_wifi_server github repo readme for how to run the OpenEVSE interface locally:

how to generate a writing key for use in openevse?
I need openevse to interact with a platform other than emoncms.
could it help?


What do you mean by a writing key? What are you trying to do?

Sounds like he’s talking about an API key to enable OEVSE to write data to another app

If you want to post to Emoncms then you need your Emoncms write API key, this is available from your Emoncms account page. See our OpenEVSE setup guide:

If you want to control the OpenEVSE directly there is a HTTP and MQTT API: GitHub - OpenEVSE/ESP8266_WiFi_v2.x: ESP8266 WiFi for OpenEVSE Version 2.x


I want to move this data that is generated in emoncms and send it to another application.

How do I redirect that application?