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OpenEVSE disconnects from network, requiring power cycle to reconnect

Hi All,
last week I bought an Open EVSE kit and installed it on the weekend. I must say I’m really impressed with it. Assembly was easy and it looks great. Initial setup seemed to run fine and it connected to my network no problems.
I’ve got Node Red up and running on my Victron Venus GX, working as a MQTT broker and publishing the voltage and “grid” values, all working as expected - I think :slight_smile:

I m running into a problem though - the Open EVSE unit keeps dropping off my home network approx. every 6 hours when the car is not connected and the only way to get it back onto the network is to power cycle the unit.
When it is not on the network, the front panel button is still responsive an the display is still being updated, so the unit hasn’t locked up.
At first I thought it might be the Wi-Fi quality, as it was reporting between -68 and -71dB signal strength, so I’ve now run an ethernet cable direct to the router, but the issue persists.
Being new to the Open EVSE world, I assume that I’ve not set something that needed setting or set something wrong. Could I possibly have some pointers to help debug?
Many thanks

I find something similar happens although I am not sure it’s exactly the same as yours. When I go into the webpage that controls it by entering its IP address I find it can take a few attempts to come up. Changing to one of the other SSIDs I have can apparently help.

Once in the page I have to press Start to reactivate the ESVE. If I am waiting for a timed or solar charge I then Clear this manual override to let it wait till the sun is adequate or car timer activates. Presumably pressing the manual override button on the unit twice would have much the same effect but I don’t have one.

I used to keep power cycling it to reactive it but now don’t think this drastic solution is necessary.

Have you fixed the IP address in your router? I think that helps stability.

I am sure others here know far more about this than me though.

One thing that seems to have made a big difference is disabling ipv6 on my network. Not sure why it should have made a difference, but it has not needed a power cycle since. Still early days, but looking promising.
If anyone has any thoughts why that would make a difference, please let me know.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues, are you using an Ethernet communication module inside your OpenEVSE?

Yes, I’m using the module that came with the kit (omlex esp32).
After disabling ipv6 on my router mesh (Huawei AX3 x3) it has worked consistently with a wired connection. Any ideas why that should have made a difference?


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Interesting find about IPv6, we are using a relatively old version of the Arduino core and there still seems to be some unresolved issues with IPv6 so could be related to that. I will have to have a look and see if I can replicate in my test setup.

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That’s really useful info, thanks for letting us know.