OpenEVSE current measurement problem

I have a problem witha. measured current on emonEVSE.
I now build it. i bought from this site and a the current and GFCI coil from openEVSE site.
openEVSE fw version is 5.1.0.EU protocol 4.0.1, wifi fw version is 2.8.1. i Have a 3 phase socket in the box (for future) but only use 1 phase.
Now i first time charge my car with complete build (with measure coil and GFCI coil), and now the maximum measured current is 6.7A, but on car side measured 14A. The car is Peugoet iOn, the data from OVMS.
I only the phase through the measure coil, and phase and neutral on the GFCI coil.

Hello @KommyKT, @glyn.hudson should be able to help with your question. He is away until Wednesday but should be able to respond then.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

That sounds strange. Could you post some photos of your build? and screenshots?

If you’re using a type-2 socket you should use the emonevse.hex FW and ensure the PP line is connected: Release V5.1.0.EU · openenergymonitor/open_evse · GitHub

Current monitoring should not require any special calibration to work. What is your pilot current set to?

I use type-2 socket. All cabels connected to the evse board or a relay.
I created some pictures located in my Dropbox folder: Link
If is set the pilot to 10A the current is moved down to 4.10A

Please post your pictures here. If the third party site disappears, your question and any answers might become meaningless for anyone else who has the same problem.

Thank for photos. I can’t see anything obvious other than your incoming main wires are very thin. They should be 6mm^2 CSA. Your look like 2.5mm? Have you got a CT sensor energy monitor to verify exactly what the car is drawing?

Why do you have more than one cable feeding the unit? You seem to have a red and a white cable? Bootlace ferrules should be used on the wires before entering the terminal blocks.

I notice you are running “openevse” firmware, you should run “emonevse” firmware if using a type-2 socket. See emonevse.hex Releases · openenergymonitor/open_evse · GitHub

Now this is a test configuration, the 2.5 cable for the original EVSE for the Peugoet iOn is only 10A, now i would like to change to 6mm.
Now not have a ct sensor , but in my work have a multimeter with clamp. tomorrow i measure this that.
First of all i create a firmware update on the “openEVSE” to “emonEVSE”

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I changed the firmware to emonEVSE and now current measure is working well.

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