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OpenEVSE and wiring regs changes (722.531.2.101)

Thanks Cyril and Robert for the clarification.

If one fits this new Western Automation unit does it eliminate the need for an earth rod and external RCD? I have yet to fully wire up my ESVE but at the moment the only external protection is the standard 30mA RCD and MCB in the consumer unit.

Does the shop plan to sell this unit with its exciter coil and resistor?

The Western Automation unit will only eliminate the requirement for a Type-B RCD, you will still need an earth rod (or O-PEN device e.g. Matt:e) and a Type-A RCD and MCB or RCBO.

Any plans to sell an OpenESVE kit with this Western Automation product, or similar, integrated into the system? That would make the overall OpenESVE cost better as buying the existing Open ESVE plus the emonPi, plus an external DC RCD makes it more expensive, even in kit form, than some of the competition, which may have the DC detection built in (although I don’t have any real evidence of this.)