OpenEVSE and Octopus Intelligent

I’ve been on Go for two years now and it has worked well but my current favourable tariff expires next March and based on my overnight consumption, their Intelligent tariff would seem to be the best option going forward.

However, neither EV we have (Zoe - latest model and an MG5) plus OpenEVSE charger seem to meet the criteria. It appears OCPP compliance was the key but that seems to have been railed back.

Anyone successfully using this charger with OCPP 1.6 enabled and using Octopus Intelligent?

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Unfortunately it is not just a case of supporting OCPP as far as I am aware, we would need to some kind of integration with Octopus. I did put a small effort into reaching out to them without success but if anyone has any contacts or information o would love to get OpenEVSE properly integrated (I to am a Octopus Go customer)

Same here, on GO faster at the moment but that ends in March so would love to be able to move to OCPP on the OpenEVSE


There are many ongoing discussions around this on the Octopus Forum and the impression I get is that it’s not going to happen any time soon. If ever.
If we’re being charitable, the only current integration with the Ohme charger barely works, and they’ve been at that for months. Many people have just asked for a simple API that can pull data into Home Assistant* or some such, but it’s not happening.

*Yes, there is a HA integration, but you need the Ohme charger and a suitable car to sign up to be able to use the integration. :man_facepalming:

One of Octopus’ advanced engineers is coming to visit me on 31st October to chat about installing solar (+ inverter), battery and EVSE and moving me to Octopus Intelligent.

Part of the rationale for this specific engineer coming is because of all the monitoring and things I do with OpenEnergyMonitor. You might be familiar with all the heat pump stuff I do.

I’ve not been watching OpenEVSE enough to have an informed conversation about OCPP with them. If you’d like me to ask specific questions I can do. I will of course be talking about API access, but possibly not to the level you might do.

My default position is to get the Ohme charger because I’m not electrically certified to play around with installing exciting things myself.

If one of you wants to be at my house in Yorkshire between 12:00-17:00 to tag along I’m OK with that. I’d let Octopus know just to me polite.


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That’s interesting, I didn’t think “Octopus” fitted solar/battery/EVSE equipment?


if you could ask for any info regarding if they intend to support OCPP on OI at any point that would be great :slight_smile:


Thanks folks.

Unfortunately there’s been a hiccup in working out who to send. I had a lovely person come visit on Wednesday but that may mean a delay on the more advanced analysis.

I’ll let you know what progress I can make when I know more.


Sorry folks, it looks like that trail fizzled out. Things didn’t get as deep inside Octopus as we’d hoped so I didn’t get any useful information for you.

Thanks for trying anyway

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I am currently using an EmonEVSE charger with IO (it is listed as one of the charger options when you sign up).

However getting it to complete a test charge involved a bit of trial and error - you have to put it into the default charge mode (it wasn’t recognized if manually paused or set to PV Divert).

I also find the IO service a bit flaky (it didn’t perform a charge as requested last night) and the T&C’s, to my eyes at least, somewhat contradictory.

I may just treat it like an extended Go tariff with a fixed off peak window for the time being if that works.

I’m only seeing the Ohme charger as an option.

You should see “OpenEnergyMonitor” as an option, from there you can choose the EmonEVSE or the OpenEVSE kit.

Ah, it shows up on the website rather than the app.

I’m guessing you have a supported EV - my MG5 isn’t.

even with a supported car have still not managed to get it up to the test charge point :frowning: