OpenEnergyMonitor spotted in the wild

Hi…probably targeted at @TrystanLea and @glyn.hudson

One of the nice things we do at my work is to share places our people or technology are spotted in the wild, often without us realising.

Every so often I’ll see @johncantor or one of you pop up somewhere unexpected and so I was wondering if you thought this forum was such a place to share these spottings and if you wanted one of these options:

  • make it a special area for casual browsing
  • have them appear ad-hoc in the middle of other things
  • not do them here (and maybe put them somewhere else instead)



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Personally, I don’t see why not. If everything here is Open Source, then the medium where one of “us” appeared shouldn’t have a problem with their output appearing, or being mentioned, here. The time where caution is needed is where the enterprise is commercial and “using”, taking advantage of rather than embracing, the Open-Source ethic.

… is the option I’d favour. “Out and about” for a tag?

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You will have to explain this a bit more… I am probably too luddite to understand

Me or David @MyForest ?

Ah yes, that’s a good point @Robert.Wall

Of course when I’m doing this thing at work it’s a blend of Open Source and commercial, but we’re sharing on the commercial channels inside the company.

In this forum it’s the other way round and you could argue my example is where someone is taking the Open Source software (as well as buying some hardware) to promote their commercial gain. Now, there’s nothing wrong with people doing that, and in fact it can work out very well (i.e. Red Hat <-> Fedora) but you’re right that in this forum the line would pretty quickly get quite muddied by various people’s interpretation of people’s underlying motivations. I’ve seen that happen elsewhere and what can be someone’s “oh they are just trying to show how it’s useful” can be seen by others as “they’re trying to capitalise on our thing and make money” which causes dis-harmony.

Given the nature of this forum I think it’s best not to do this here amongst the other things. Perhaps if there was a “definitely commercial” area that would help keep it in an appropriate box. We have “Community Marketplace” but that doesn’t look incredibly commercial.

I’ll leave it to others to chime in with their feelings.