front page revamp

I’ve revamped the OpenEnergyMonitor home page which really needed attention, it now focuses much more on providing an OpenEnergyMonitor system overview. I’ve tried to remove terms that require prior knowledge of the system as best as I can and to hopefully provide an ‘at a glance’ overview of what the system looks like and what you can get out of it in terms of Emoncms as well.

  • The images link directly to the shop pages first. I want to go through each shop item to make sure that link through flows nicely.

  • The CT expansion module is referenced early on as an expansion option, this is now in the shop: EmonTx5/emonPi2 6 CT Expansion board - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor and for existing emonTx4 users I’ve added the emonTx4 expansion module back in stock as well EmonTx4 6 CT Expansion board - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor (limited tx4 boards available, but I will re-order the tx4 expansion boards as well when these go). I still need to update the emonPi2 product pages to reference this expansion board.

  • I’d like to create a better landing page for the Emoncms link through that gives a clearer overview of what emoncms is and it’s capabilities.

  • Glyn is working on an update to the Heatpump Monitor bundle that uses the emonPi2 instead of an emonBase in order to provide both a standard option for splitting out domestic hot water from space heating (using a CT sensor around the diverter valve supply), the OLED display for easier setup and the option to easily connect wired temperature sensors, so that will tie in nicely here as well.

  • It would be good to add an item for the OpenEVSE under expand with, to highlight that integration option.


Looks good!

Would ‘electric power consumption monitor’ be better? “Electricity monitor” sounds ungainly to me.
Last part via EmonCMS - might I suggest saying “via our custom, preinstalled, web based software, EmonCMS” (otherwise you need to know what EmonCMS is).

Do we assume someone will understand the 6 channel part and what a CT is?

I think an immediate link to the emonPi2 overview would be good and an explicit link to the shop. I think if I clicked on the image I’d expect to be taken to more info about it rather than the shop.

Final thought, is it EmonCMS or emonCMS? Everything else seems to start with an LC ‘e’.