OpenEnergyMonitor on heatpumpmonitor website

Thought I’d check my heatpump on heatpumpmonitor website

Notice it is flagged as “Heat not registered during DHW, probably trapped air in the system”

The guys from Octopus came out and bled the radiators and said it’s fixed. Also when I click on View Summary I get a page with no data at all. This happens on all installations, not just mine though.

When I hover over the bar on mine, I don’t see outside temperature / room temperature either on pop up/chart?

That does look better. I’ll remove the data flag.

This is a known issue with logged in users. It works fine when you log out.

“My Heatpump” app needs to been configured with feeds for internal and external temperature in order for them to be shown.


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I don’t appear to have this in the drop down