OpenEnergyMonitor History

Hi @TrystanLea i created this thread out of curiosity.
As you know i did in the past an overall review of emoncms code that gave origin to the v9 and by having read every single line i got to know different personalities that worked on the code at different times and with different levels of seniority.
Can you share a little bit of the initial timeline of emoncms, when it started, where it’s architecture was inspired, who developed the initial versions, major milestones and if you want a vision for the future.

Big challenge :slight_smile:

Do you want the entire history of OEM, or only emonCMS, or only the early stages of emonCMS development?

What ever curiosity you may remember.
There are a lot of people, you included Robert, that are here for a long time and i’m sure to have contributed a lot one way or another.

I haven’t contributed at all to emonCMS. When I first got involved, nobody seemed to know the ratio of the SCT-013-000. One of the earliest things I did was to measure that, which established that the confusion was fuelled by false information on one of the distributor’s websites. That was some time in January, 2012, and the pdf version of the first test report is dated 3 February 2012.

Since then, I’ve tested most of the c.t’s from the shop as the design and manufacture has progressed (and the parameters and performance changes!), a.c. adapters but principally, I’ve written large parts of what is now called ‘Learn’.

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Hello @nchaveiro, a good idea, yes a big challenge :slight_smile:

Here’s a start on emoncms history, mainly through reference to blog posts.

Part of the instigation for the first version of emoncms came from work we where doing at the time in a voluntary capacity, at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, developing monitoring and visualisation of data for the microgrid there:

I met @cagabi there, who was also an open source enthusiast and along with Suneil we discussed the need for an application like emoncms. We put together a funding application at the time to work together on the microgrid project at the Centre for Alternative Technology but were unfortunately unsuccessful. Still the idea was born.

Pre emoncms web application initial concepts (you can see here first concepts php, mysql, flot graphing):

March 2011: OpenEnergyMonitor Sustainable Energy & then emoncms alpha blog post (almost 2 years after OpenEnergyMonitor first started):

Emoncms v2 archived repository

Dec 2011: very brief emoncms v3 blogpost:

Emoncms v3 github repository is still available here

Dec 2011: Open source and software as a service

Jan 2012: Blog by Baptiste Gaultier from France: mapping for dashboards, devices

Jan 2012: Community energy plan maker

Feb 2012: Email notifier

May 2012: Vis api

May 2012: Multilingual

May 2012: Histograms

July 2012: Work with Ildefonso Martínez Marchena from Spain, lots of new emoncms features:

September 2012: Data portability

Oct 2012: Modules - a substantial change in emoncms architecture

Nov 2012: Updated installation and upgrade guides

Dec 2012: Multiple multigraphs

Dec 2012: Public and private feeds

Dec 2013: How to create an emoncms module

July 2014: Reducing emoncms write load

June 2014: Documentation on emoncms timeseries engines:

Feb 3 2015: Pre-built heatpump dashboards

July 2015: Improved my solar application specific dashboard for tablet energy display’s

July 2015: New MyElectric Emoncms app, realtime power graph and energy totals

I will keep adding to this over the next few weeks, look through significant contributions on the emoncms github and your v9 developments @nchaveiro

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