Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) WiFi/3G Europe

Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) WiFi/3G Europe (SIM & ANT included)
OBD2 Cable: Generic OBD2 Cable (right)

I brought this in December 2020 - I was hoping to get it working for my MG5, but never got there.
Includes the Hologram SIM, with $40 credit that I’m happy to transfer across to you.

Been sat in a cupboard since - really good condition.

Cost £200, looking for £150 ONO.


Update to my post above - I’m open to any offers for the OVMS kit.



Morning Tim

Is this still available?

Hi Andrew,

Yes - it’s still available. :slight_smile:


Would you take £100 for it

How about we split the difference… £125

Hi. An old thread but just wondering if this is still available or if you had any success with the MG5 and OVMS kit.


Yes, it’s still available.
I only had limited success with my mg5, if I remember correctly, there was an issue with the alarm sounding when charging started.


Thanks for the reply back. Ive got a pre-facelift MG5.
It seems it is still not supported by OVMS…