Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) WiFi/3G Europe

Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) WiFi/3G Europe (SIM & ANT included)
OBD2 Cable: Generic OBD2 Cable (right)

I brought this in December 2020 - I was hoping to get it working for my MG5, but never got there.
Includes the Hologram SIM, with $40 credit that I’m happy to transfer across to you.

Been sat in a cupboard since - really good condition.

Cost £200, looking for £150 ONO.


Update to my post above - I’m open to any offers for the OVMS kit.



Morning Tim

Is this still available?

Hi Andrew,

Yes - it’s still available. :slight_smile:


Would you take £100 for it

How about we split the difference… £125

Hi. An old thread but just wondering if this is still available or if you had any success with the MG5 and OVMS kit.


Yes, it’s still available.
I only had limited success with my mg5, if I remember correctly, there was an issue with the alarm sounding when charging started.


Thanks for the reply back. Ive got a pre-facelift MG5.
It seems it is still not supported by OVMS…

Hi, is it still available?

Hi Gareth,
Yes, I’ve still got it.

Are you interested?


I’m interested and based in Bristol. How would you like to proceed?

Hi Rob,
Do you want to drop me a direct message and we can arrange details?


I don’t appear to be able to, my account may be too new. Drop me a DM or let me know the best way to contact you directly.

It appears one of us has upgraded your status, so you should be able to PM one another now. Click on your Icon top right, then the envelope, and again, then “New Message” should appear - click it.

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