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Open EVSE portability in Europe (U.K.)

I’m renovating a new house and still living in a rented place - so am wondering about how/whether folks in the U.K. have managed to make an OpenEVSE unit portable. I’d like to be able to charge overnight at one home, pack up the EVSE and type 2 cable, drive to the new place and hook it up for daytime charging for return trip. Is it a matter of just wiring up a Type 2 connector from the consumer unit at each location?

It clearly isn’t designed to be portable but why do you need that?

Is the return trip over your maximum range and/or there are no convenient charge points en-route?

You could always charge at the renovation using a granny cable to get some top-up.

Aye, that’s sort of where I’d landed, e.g. using a granny or commando cable with an Ohme Smart Charge Cable at the current place, and install OpenEVSE permanently at the new place.

I use an OpenEVSE as a portable unit, it works very well for this, see