Open Energy Monitor - Integration

Hi everyone,

We are thinking to install this device to monitor electricity consumption from individual apartments in a haus. We need real-time electricity consumption data, and to get access to the data in the cloud. Is this possible with this device? Which integration possibilities exist so that we can visualized the data in our own platform? Moreover, is it possible to have appliance detection? Thank you.

Not on it’s own, no.

You need one of 3 interfaces; a separate RFM receiver (known as an EmonBase), an EmonESP from the shop or a self built Raspberry Pi connected via serial to the EmonTX.

It depends a little on the layout of the building and where the different measuring points are relative to each other.

Legally this is not ‘billing’ grade equipment.

Depends on the platform, but the simplest way is for the EmonTX (plus interface) to publish it to an MQTT broker then your platform can consume the data from there.

You can install emoncms on any Linux platform quite easily (or just use the emonBase).

Short answer - no.

Adding to that: with careful calibration, your emonTx can probably be accurate to within 1%, but we cannot guarantee this. If that is acceptable to you and the users of the electricity, then OK. If not, then you could - provided it is acceptable to break into the circuit - install a “revenue grade” meter that has a Modbus output. Then the numbers that the Modbus provides can be sent on to your platform.

See 3 Phase Power Monitoring at an individual CNC Machine level

Long answer: Many people have tried very hard to solve this problem. No-one has yet had 100% success - or even come close. Some systems can get some of the appliances right some of the time, we have yet to hear of one that is always correct all of the time.