Open Energy Monitor Data Integration to BIM model

Dear OpenEnergyMonitor Community,

we are currently developing a BIM model of a building using IES VE software, which allows the integration of real time energy consumption data to the model, at Cleopa GmbH. Cleopa GmbH is an R&D performing SME, based in Berlin, Germany, which supports businesses to become energy efficient through innovation and through its extensive practical experience. For this purpose we are employing ERGON application of IES VE. The protocols recognized by ERGON for Wireless communication are BACNet, ModBus, LonWorks.

As we are in the process of choosing and purchasing the required smart meter for the building, kindly let me know if OpenEnergyMonitor smart meters could be employed for this purpose, namely if the products of OpenEnergyMonitor could transmit energy consumption data to the ERGON model, as described above.

We would appreciate a prompt response.

Thanking you in advance,