OOK Module

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(Brian Orpin) #1

Not really hardware but no where else to put it :smile:

The banner on the store is really annoying as there is not enough page footer space so it blocks some of the information and buttons.

Why I found this was because I followed a link from an old OEM blog on OOK and Lightwave. It seems the store no longer stocks OOK module. Is that right? Is it still part of the EmonPi?

(Glyn Hudson) #2

I’m sorry you feel this way. The banner can easily be closed by clicking the [x] on the bottom right-hand corner. It’s only a temporary banner anyway.

OOK module is back in the shop;

(Brian Orpin) #3

Hi @glyn.hudson

On FF I do not see any cross

OOK - great, thanks.

(Robert Wall) #4

I do, but only when I mouse over the banner (57.0.1 (64-bit) for Ubuntu). Opera shows the cross permanently.


(Glyn Hudson) #5

Have you tried moving your mouse over the bottom right of banner? What version firefox are you running?

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(Brian Orpin) #6

Mousing over works. What a stupid UI design (third party I realise). How exactly will that work on a touch device?

(Glyn Hudson) #7

It doesn’t show on very small mobile devices and on larger mobile devices e.g. ipad the [X] is always visible.

(Brian Orpin) #8

So tried it on my Lenovo Yoga. Trick is to touch the banner then the ‘X’ appears. Still think it daft to hide it by default but YMMV. #letitgo